Our company, ALBA,’ was founded to be a solution partner to our customers for all flat knit and woven apparel and textile accessories based in Turkey, İstanbul many years ago.

Alba’s primary goal is to provide fast and reliable service to customers by implementing the experiences. Alba has had many years of experience in textile, design, and technical details with a dynamic perspective and solid collaborations.

ALBA’s journey, which began more than 35 years ago with flat-knit production, has progressed by incorporating different fields such as woven, knitting, and accessories in response to customer requests.

However, due to long previous experience, flat knit, the main production field had always been a priority and essential favored to ALBA and always has been a significant player in the design and production of children’s, women’s, and men’s knitwear.

Our Istanbul-based Alba company has the infrastructure to support customers worldwide, particularly in Europe and the United States, thanks to its experienced production partners, who are all inspected regularly by our quality assurance team.

We believe in design’s power… We keep up with every new global trend, from Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul to the Streets. Alba also expanded its design know-how with freelance designers in Spain and around the globe to provide its customers with better support.

We also believe the future can only be realized through sustainability, recycling, and bio-based materials. So, Alba supports environmental efforts and prefers to provide its customers with primarily recycled, environmentally friendly products.